By Marcus Leach

Prime Minister David Cameron has applauded the contribution made by the private sector to getting communities back on their feet in the areas affected by recent rioting.

£3 million in cash funding, including business support from Deloitte, Santander and Barclays is being made available to businesses affected by looting.

Mr Cameron is delighted to see that the country's larger companies are extending a helping hand to smaller firms.

“The High Street Fund is a great example of British business putting something back," he said.

"Big companies are helping smaller ones affected by the riots to get back on their feet and prosper once again. Alongside the Government’s £20m High Street Support Scheme, it will be a big help for those people looking to get back to work as soon as possible.

“The incredible response to the riots two weeks ago has shown the best of Britain. Across the country we saw people come together to help their communities, whether it was by bringing out their brooms, protecting their streets or guarding their temples.

"The High Street Fund is another great example and I want to thank all the companies involved for taking part.”

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