By Marcus Leach

The Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee has written to the Mayor of London asking for a detailed explanation for the severe disruption on the Jubilee Line this week.

The Committee is also seeking assurances that Transport for London (TfL) has taken steps to prevent further disruption and ensure the delivery of the Jubilee line upgrade as promised by June 2011.

Given the number of high profile events in London over the coming months, Royal Wedding, Champions League Final and London Olympics, there is mounting pressure on the quality of the underground transport system.

“Yet again Jubilee Line passengers have experienced severe delays and discomfort as they are forced to struggle to and from work," Val Shawcross AM, Chair of the Transport Committee, said.

“The nature and increasing frequency of these incidents raises serious questions about the ability of TfL and its contractors to ensure this key Olympic transport link is ready to cope with demand during the 2012 Games.”