By Jason Theodorou

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari has arrived in the UK, despite growing pressure to return to his home country in the face of severe floods. Mr. Zardari will hold talks with Prime Minister David Cameron on August 6th, where he is expected to rebuke the UK leader for accusing Pakistan of the 'export of terror'.

Mr. Zardari is facing calls to return to Pakistan to lead relief efforts, after floods in northwest and central Pakistan left 1,500 people dead and up to three million in need of urgent assistance. Pakistan has seen villages and farmland washed away in some of the country's poorest areas.

Prime Minister David Cameron has accused Pakistan of not doing enough to combat terrorism, and refused to apologise for criticism that Islamabad 'looked both ways' in the fight against terrorism, which led to protests in Pakistan and the burning of his effigy in Karachi. Mr. Cameron has described Pakistan as an 'important ally' but stressed that terror groups within Pakistan were an ongoing concern for the international community.

Mr. Zardari will conclude his visit to Europe at a rally in the UK on Sunday, where he is expected to launch the political career of his son. The expense of his trip has angered many within Pakistan, forcing officials to issue a statement claiming that Mr. Zardari was staying in the 'cheapest five star hotel in London'.

During their meeting, Mr. Zardari plans to tell the Prime Minister that 'the war on terrorism must unite us, and not divide us'.

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