By Marcus Leach

As the English Premier League enters the second weekend of the new season it seems the influx of foreign players is impacting on more than just teams' results.

Tourist authority Visit Britain report that over 750,000 visitors to Britain's shores last year attended a live football match, spending a combined total of £595 million.

Hardly surprisingly the most popular English Premier League grounds for tourists were Old Trafford (Manchester United), Anfield (Liverpool) and Etihad Stadium (Manchester City).

Visit Britain reveals that the highest number of football visitors came from Ireland, Norway and America, while visitors from Germany, Holland, Japan, China, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates also showed interest in football.

"Not only do some of the best players in the world want to play in Britain, but their international fans want to follow them here to savour the atmosphere of a match," said Patricia Yates of Visit Britain.

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