New study reveals the business ideas set to boom this year

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, considering going solo in 2018, a new study by Yell Business has revealed what could be set to be big business in 2018. The digital marketing specialist combined business predictions made in early 2017 with end of year research from their online business directory This combination of business types was then researched further using Google Trends to create the forecast.

The rise of fashionable dogs and time-stretched owners

Looking towards 2018, those with a penchant for pooches could consider a move to dog-friendly fashion design, as terms such as ‘dog clothes’ have been Googled 500 per cent more times in the past four months than during the previous time period. A trend clearly on the ascendancy into 2018, that is perhaps unsurprising when scrolling through the dizzying 84 million plus posts under #dogsofinstagram on the photo-sharing platform.

It’s not just canine fashion that could make big business in the pet industry either, with demanding work and social schedules potentially contributing to the 42 per cent increase in searches for ‘dog walking apps’ against 2016.

The need for natural skincare

This year, ‘organic skin care products’ also saw 2,200 per cent more searches than in 2016 on Google. With a 110 per cent increase in the last four months, the desire for natural and ethical skincare is set to get even bigger in 2018, so anyone with a keen interest in the likes of herbal medicine should look to capitalise on this huge demand.

Fast food goes gluten-free

Meanwhile, for those thinking about starting up in food or drink, gluten-free food continues its rise in popularity; with fast food a key area of focus for 2018 - gaining 200 per cent more searches in the last four months than in the previous period, and growing by 66 per cent year on year. The need for more convenience with gluten-free options is also shown by the 100 per cent increase in searches for ‘gluten-free frozen dinners’.

Other emerging searches gaining popularity include Chinese tea, mobile discos and cake shops.

Mark Clisby, Product & Marketing Director at Yell Business said: “These diverse emerging trends have uncovered a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalise on in 2018. What’s more exciting is that each of these business types directly play into everyday passions or interests. Be it designing dog clothing or launching a gluten-free fast food offering, it should be encouraging that going into business in 2018 can play into something you genuinely care about”.