By Max Clarke

The Postal Services Bill was this afternoon passed through the House of Lords, bringing it one step closer to passage.

The historic bill outlines the future for the Royal mail and Post Office, safeguarding their various services and capping their prices. More groundbreaking elements of the bill allow for greater input from local branches employees and communities.

“I am delighted that our important proposals have passed through the Lords,” commented Baroness Wilcox, Parliamentary Secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills who oversaw the bill’s passage. “

“This is a significant milestone in delivering our objective of securing the future of Royal Mail and the Post Office — two proud cornerstones of our society. I’d like to thank all the Peers who contributed to the many hours of rigorous, informed and passionate debate.”

Pending the Bill's approval by the commons on July 9th and subsequent 'Royal Assent', The Post Office’s 11,500 branches are also protected from purchase or closure, as are Monday- Saturday delivery days across the extensive network.