By Marcus Leach

Further proof that the economy is firmly back on the road to recovery came in the shape of official data recording 0.6% economic growth for the three months to June.

With the national mood buoyed in recent weeks by all of the leading economic indexes showing growth, the Office for National Statistics released data confirming that growth.

The growth in the second quarter was twice that seen in the first three months of this year and will spark hopes of a sustained albeit slow revival in economic fortunes.

“The economy has performed strongly and looks to be building up a head of steam for the rest of the year," Dr Neil Bentley, CBI Deputy Director-General, said.

“This confirms our view that we are heading down the road to recovery, even if there are likely to still be a few bumps ahead.

“Underlying conditions are quite weak as consumers are still saddled with debt and despite the global economy picking up, the potential for getting knocked off course remains.

“It’s critical the Government renews its efforts to secure a balanced recovery, using investment and trade as its building blocks.”

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