By Max Clarke

Assets seized from criminal gangs has exceeded £1bn for the first time, the Home Office reports.

This figure follows a general rise in the level of organised crime, which now involves some 6,000 individual gangs. Overall crime levels have recently busked a trend of long term decline, rising 1% over the past year.

The nature of criminal activity is undergoing change, with an increased focus on online and credit card fraud both home and overseas.

The Home Office have announced the results to coincide with a renewed strategy for tackling organised gangs. Speaking to the BBC, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said:
"Organised crime has a local impact, but a global reach. To tackle it effectively we need a strategic, co-ordinated response at every level from community policing through to international partnership.

"The Organised Crime Strategy will bring a new emphasis on the prevention of organised crime alongside a greater push to ensure that more prosecution and disruption activity takes place against more organised criminals, at a reduced cost.

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