By Daniel Hunter

New online research reveals how the UK population is turning the everyday frustration of the empty phone battery to their advantage. These ‘Mob-lies’ are using their dead battery as an excuse for everything from being late through to why they’ve forgotten important birthdays.

The study found that more than one quarter (26%) of the population have lied that their mobile ran out of battery so they could avoid attending an event and nearly one fifth of these people (18%) claw back some bed-time by pretending their phone has died so their alarm had failed to go off.

Plus nearly two fifths (37%) of the time-poor nation regularly use the ‘out of juice’ excuse as the explanation for forgetting to text or ring on an important date (i.e. anniversary, a friend’s birthday etc.) as we rely more and more on our handsets to help us manage our busy lives.

Top five situations were found to be:

1) To avoid speaking to family members (41%)
2) As an excuse for forgetting to text / ring a relative or friend on their birthday (37%)
3) An excuse for running late (31%)
4) Avoid attending an event (26%)
5) Pretending the alarm didn’t go off (18%)

However, poor battery life is a legitimate and frequent frustration for most mobile owners and it can have serious consequences. Shockingly, the data shows that nearly half a million people in the UK have missed a wedding due to their battery giving up at a critical moment and nearly a million1 have missed a romantic date, with almost one tenth acknowledging that they had previously been late to meet a friend.

Men are seemingly more dependent on their phone to organise their schedule as they were found to be late for work meetings five times more often than women (5% vs. 1% respectively), due to their battery dying. But this does not mean women are happy to give up their mobiles, as more than one third (36%) of respondents picked the phone as the one emergency item from their handbag that they wouldn’t part with, whilst only 2% would keep hold of their make-up.

Battery troubles are also cause for concern in the workplace, as one in seven respondents said they disrupt their colleagues by sending at least one request for a phone charger per month — the same number as request cups of tea and coffee, as our dependency on our mobiles is akin to caffeine. This equates to a staggering 8,333 hours being wasted concurrently each month by UK office workers as they try to re-charge their mobile.

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