By Max Clarke

The Peter Jones Foundation will today announce that it has won the competitive bid for both Global Entrepreneurship Week and Tenner Tycoon, two of the highest profile campaigns to encourage entrepreneurship in the UK.

The bid, which took place during February, formed part of the winding up of Enterprise UK, the organisation behind both highly successful campaigns, and was part of a transparent process overseen by an independent panel of judges. The transfer of assets will take place on April 30 when Enterprise UK officially closes.

BBC Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Peter Jones and current chairman of Enterprise UK, said: “I am delighted that The Peter Jones Foundation has been selected as the new home for both Global Entrepreneurship Week and Tenner Tycoon.

“These are two incredibly powerful assets and Enterprise UK has done a outstanding job in recent years in delivering high impact campaigns to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people and — by building skills, confidence and ambition — speeding up the journey of enterprising people.

“Given the urgent need for a more enterprising culture in the UK it is more important than ever to continue this work and ensure that enterprise remains at the forefront of efforts to build the country’s economy. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to continue leading the charge through Global Entrepreneurship Week and Tenner Tycoon.”

Last year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week was the most successful ever reaching over 10 million people in 104 countries worldwide.

Tenner Tycoon, which is currently running at hundreds of school across the UK, is a hugely popular initiative where 40,000 school children are loaned a ten pound note for a month and challenged to make money, make a difference and give back.

“We delivered an ambitious but realistic proposal that contained strong evidence of how to successfully extend both campaigns to deliver significant behavioural change,” Peter Jones added.