By Max Clarke

Due to complex international shipping regulations many USA retailers will only deliver US addresses and so Parcel2Go, the UK largest online parcel delivery service, has launched a US rental address service.

“Some 95 per cent of US websites will not ship outside the US because of customs bureaucracy,” explained Fil Adams-Mercer, the founder of Parcel2Go. “I have bought a warehouse in Miami which UK customers will be able to use as their ‘address’ in the US when buying from these sites. Parcel2Go will then arrange delivery on from there.”

European consumers now have access to the entire USA retail market. They can now purchase goods in the US, consolidate their purchases and have them delivered together by Parcel2Go.

The strong performance of the pound against the dollar in the last few years has meant that online sales of goods from the USA rocketed and despite the strengthening of the dollar, people are still searching for that American bargain. All kinds of goods can often be found cheaper in the US because of the volume of the market.

Parcel2Go customers will only pay a one-off, annual fee of £19.99 to ‘rent’ a US address.