By Daniel Hunter

According to a recent study, those living in the North East confessed to working more overtime than people in other regions of the UK, with an average of 13 hours of unpaid work undertaken each week.

The team at Lottolandpolled a total of 2,531 respondents aged 18 and over from around the UK, with an even number of male and female respondents taking part, in order to give balanced results.

When asked whether respondents were satisfied with their jobs, two thirds of participants (66%) revealed that they were happy in their current position, and 34% confessed to not being satisfied.

Those who were unsatisfied with their jobs were asked how they felt about looking for an alternative position in the current economic climate, to which 78% stated that they were 'wary'.

Interestingly, when asked to reveal whether they felt they would work harder if they were given a pay rise, 68% stated that they would work a lot harder if they were put on a higher salary.

Next, in a bid to determine which regions of the UK put in the most extra work within their jobs, all participants were asked to reveal the average number of unpaid hours they worked in a typical week, taking into account work carried out from home and on the weekends. These answers were then collated to reveal the most hard-working regions of the UK, based on unpaid overtime, with the results emerging as follows:

· North East — 13.5 hours of unpaid work per week
· Scotland — 12.5
· London — 11
· South East — 10
· East Midlands — 9.5
· East of England — 9
· West Midlands — 8.5
· North West — 8
· South West — 7.5
· Northern Ireland — 7.5
· Wales — 6
· Yorkshire and Humberside — 6

All respondents were asked whether they would hypothetically quit their job if they were to win the lottery, to which the vast majority (85%) said they would do so.

Dan Hawkins, spokesperson for, comments on the results of the study, “It is typically assumed that those working in London would be the most hardworking due to the fast-paced nature of the busy city, and so it is therefore interesting to see that London actually came out third in our list of results. Perhaps the fact that jobs are well-documented to be harder to secure in the North of England gives those working there a bigger incentive to work the extra hours to ensure their job role is secure.”