By Daniel Hunter

Businesses and individuals based overseas are using the .London domain name, according to GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses.

The .London domain was released for general availability two weeks ago, and more than 15% of those registered through GoDaddy are based overseas.

Businesses in the United States according for nearly 6% of all .London registrations with GoDaddy and 37.9% of all those made by overseas businesses.

Stefano Maruzzi, VP of GoDaddy EMEA, said: “These figures show that London is one of the most attractive cities to businesses worldwide. Since the general availability launch on 9 September, the number of queries for .LONDON on our website has quadrupled, surpassing search volume for the entire month of August.”

“The .LONDON domain was always going to prove popular with local businesses as it gives them a great opportunity to personalise their digital identity and build greater ties with their location. However, we’ve also seen a large number of businesses outside the UK acting swiftly to boost their profile in one of the world’s largest and most competitive business hubs.”

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