Founding CIF member Outsourcery helps drive governance

The European Union decision to fund a three-year research project that intends to allay security concerns about the Cloud industry was announced today. Despite growing adoption there are still concerns, and the project will develop a variety of technical components and policies designed to make Cloud computing more secure. This morning the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) launched a Cloud industry code of practice.

Cloud computing is revolutionising the way we work and with analysts such as Gartner predicting that by 2012, 20% of businesses will not own their own IT assets, it is clearly a technology which is set to grow exponentially over the next few years. However, as it gains mainstream adoption, the numbers of businesses looking for correct and impartial advice as well as standards that suppliers should adhere to is increasing.

Best practice and standards are critical so customers have confidence that suppliers are credible and can deliver safely and securely. Outsourcery is a leader in the UK Cloud computing market and believes strong levels of transparency, accountability, responsibility are required and fears to be allayed, for the industry to succeed.

Piers Linney joint CEO of Outsourcery and founder member and of the Cloud Industry Forum said, “Cloud computing is the future of computing and as it is rapidly becoming mainstream, some form of governance will help ensure success and guarantee its future development. The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and its code of practice will help ensure that the highest standards are maintained. As well as ensuring CIF members are appropriately skilled and regularly assessed, businesses will appreciate the peace of mind and transparency as well as a clearly defined industry standard with which they can assess their suppliers, and undertake Cloud implementations with the highest confidence and trust. We see the launch of the Code as key to driving up standards so that both industry and the customers benefit. Outsourcery fully endorses the princip les of CIF and is proud to be a founding member.”

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