Mark ZuckerbergPresident Trump has made big promises, he surfs a tide of discontent, the elites banished to the realm of unacceptable. But what will happen if his team of billionaires, Goldman Sachs alumni and retired generals, plus the former CEO of the world's largest non-tech firm, fails to give the people the change they demand?When Nigel Farage described the Brexit vote as a victory for real people he implied that the 48 per cent of voters in the EU referendum who ticked the Remain box were somehow not real people, or worse than that, that they form a metropolitan elite.

This is part of the reason why the rise of so-called populism is so dangerous, it divides society pretty much down the middle: in the case of Brexit Britain, a very large minority feel like it is left without a voice, in Trump America, a small majority is left to feel shut-out, unrepresented by both the President and Congress.

But pause and consider the other half, the other half of the US populace that is behind President Trump. Suppose he doesn't deliver: what then? Will it leave the door open to someone who makes Mr Trump seem like a bleeding hearted liberal? Will we see a move even further to the right, a radical switch to the left, or will the pendulum swing to some newly enlightened, technology focused, globally outward looking sphere of tolerance, as presidential candidates Zuckerberg and Clooney struggle to claim the middle ground?

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