By Bev Freeman, Senior Account Manager, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

One of the main reasons I prefer not to do most of my shopping online is because I need to see how it is going to fit, and how it is going to look on me regardless of whether it is my size or not.

Over the last few years there have been a number of tools and cool features that have been released that allow you to get a better idea of how clothes will look and fit. I wrote a blog about one of these features a few months ago, which looked at the outfit builder.

The outfit builder that I have had experience with is on H&M and French Connection. It’s good because you can piece items together and create a good look. This feature is proven to increase conversion rates and the average order value for websites who use it. The only problem with it is that you still don’t really know what it’s going to look like on you.

A key challenge for fashion e-tailers is overcoming the high level of returns that are generated through online sales. One of the key reasons for these returns is that items don’t fit well.

Over the last year or so a couple of companies have tried to come up with a solution to these sizing issues. MyShape, one of the pioneers in this area have developed technology that enables women to forget about the size labels and find clothes that will fit them based on their exact measurements.

This requires women to submit their measurements and preferences to find clothes that not only fit but also flatter.

More recently a company based in Estonia launched a new site called Fits.me. Fits.me is a virtual fitting room which uses a shape-shifting robotic mannequin to match your sizes so that you can see exactly how clothing will look on you. Hawes & Curtis are one of the first UK companies to use this functionality.

The tool is slick and shows perfectly how your shape and size will look in one of their shirts.

It still isn’t as accurate as seeing an item on you in a changing room mirror, but it’s the closest thing available in the market today.

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