By Daniel Hunter

Many internet users regularly struggle to rediscover items they want to buy online, costing businesses in the UK around £191 million in lost sales, according to research by browser extension and app archify.

In a survey of 2,000 internet users, 41% reported that losing a webpage prevented them from buying a product that they wanted. As the average online shop is worth £10.45, this costs the UK economy hundreds of millions in lost sales each year.

“It may sound very trivial, but by not keeping track of pages they’ve visited or being able to search their browsing history accurately, many internet users simply cannot find the products they now want to buy," Max Kossatz, co-founder and CEO of archify, said.

"This costs retailers millions of pounds in lost sales. A big problem is that social media sites, where many users see products they like, are very difficult to search. This is bad news for advertisers and retailers, who spend a lot of money getting their products in front of users on these sites.

“By using apps which catalogue and make consumers’ browsing and social networking history searchable, users can find these products again and retailers could benefit from a big boost to their online sales.”

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