By Daniel Hunter

The UK’s leading online platform for investing in startups, Seedrs, has passed the £1 million mark in the funding that startups have raised since it launched in July last year.

Achieving this milestone in just 9 months makes Seedrs the fastest growing equity crowdfunding site in the world. £700,000 was raised in the just the last 3 months, reflecting the rapid acceleration in growth that is underway.

Whilst many of the 21 startups funded to date through Seedrs have been digital businesses, the 21st startup that took Seedrs past the £1 million mark was ‘Mikes Fancy Cheese’, a new venture starting in Northern Ireland that raised £80,000 for a 40% share of the business. (A full list of the businesses that have succeeded in gaining their startup funding through Seedrs is provided below).

Cofounder and CEO of Seedrs, Jeff Lynn, said, “We are very excited about what a strong start we have had, and especially the extent to which the rate of investment in these promising young businesses has accelerated in recent months. Seedrs is providing hard evidence that there are an amazing number of entrepreneurs in the UK with great ideas and increasing numbers of people keen to invest in them, whether they are experienced angels looking to diversify their portfolio or first time startup investors attracted by the uniquely suited service we offer them.”

“As this concept grows further, we are excited about both the potentially significant returns our investors are set to participate in and also the much-needed economic growth that the businesses we are funding are going to stimulate. This is a classic win-win phenomenon, and it’s great to see how the UK is genuinely leading the world in unleashing the power of equity crowdfunding.”