Starting a new business venture can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person can do. Whether fuelled by passion or the desire to earn more money, putting your new brand into the marketplace is not for the faint of heart!

The first thing to put into place for any new venture is a space dedicated to work and concentration. Whether that means hiring out some office space, or simply reinventing a spare room at home, the choice is up to you, but it should be an area free of distractions which allows you to immerse yourself into your work. Here are four essentials you should have in your business’ office space.

The essential equipment

When you think of a stereotypical office environment, you probably picture a lot of computers, phones, stationery and items like printers and scanners. The reason these are omnipresent in these locations is that they’re essential for completing office admin. You’ve probably got a phone and a computer, but it’s worth investing in items like a printer (not forgetting the ink and toner cartridges and plenty of stationery.

This assures you will have everything you need to complete any paperwork tasks which come your way, whether that be finalising client contracts or dealing with the inland revenue and their endless list of tax forms.

Top of the range internet connection

Whilst an office of 20 years ago could have gotten away with this, in 2020 a fast and reliable broadband connection is essential to pretty much every area of business. From taking part in video conferences via channels such as Skype or Zoom to ensuring documents are backed up via the cloud, a slow internet will result in a loss of productivity and put you at a disadvantage to your competitors.

A good chair

Ever tried working from the comfort of your sofa? At first, it seems like a reasonable choice, after all the sofa is comfortable and makes you feel at ease. What a great hack!

Or not. Unfortunately, this façade fades once the back pain starts to kick in around day three. A good office chair is worth its weight in gold as it can help improve posture, reduce our risk of herniated discs and even reduce stress.

Natural light

In many large cities in the UK and beyond, the access to natural light is no longer a given in office environments. Whilst at first this might not seem like a major issue for your business, it can have an effect on just how well we are able to perform and can cause productivity to fall.

Studies on the impact of natural light have shown that it can help workers focus and improves mood. Not only that but it can help boost our vitamin D levels and helps ensure we get a good night’s sleep, which is key for performing to the best of our abilities.