By Claire West

The freelancer’s best friend, Desk Space Genie, has now launched ‘Office Genie’ http://www.officegenie.co.uk/, providing a one-stop-shop for cost-effective office space to rent throughout the UK. The only office search where you can compare different types of working environments side-by-side, Office Genie has been launched to reflect that it’s more than just desks small businesses are looking for.

Office Genie matches workers with the spare office space of companies with desks, rooms or even whole buildings that are going begging. Moving away from just ‘desks’ Office Genie provides much more choice for searchers while preserving the ethos of Desk Space Genie — a place that promotes renting work spaces as a flexible and money-saving alternative to leased offices.

In addition to more choice, http://www.officegenie.co.uk/ also includes some great new features:
• Free office search helpline
• Handy widget which allows users to quickly find the average office/desk cost in their area
• The only office search site which prices office space by the desk
• Allows you to compare the different office spaces on a "cost per desk" basis
• Full details and transport location for each listing
• Email alerts for new office space that meets your requirements

Ciaron Dunne, MD of Office Genie says: "The day of the long, inflexible office lease is well and truly over for small businesses. Office Genie lets you compare 'conventional' offices alongside 1000's of much more flexible serviced and shared office space. As a start-up, why would you spend time and money committing to a three year lease liability (plus legal bills and office admin costs) when you could move in tomorrow to a lively, professional shared office on a rolling monthly contract? Small businesses and freelancers should compare before they commit, just like you would with other buying decisions. Let officegenie.co.uk save you time and money!"

Now listing 250,000 desks and 3,500 offices throughout the UK, Office Genie provides a quick and user friendly solution; perfect for anyone looking to find a value-for-money place to work without buying or leasing expensive premises.