By Jonathan Davies

After three years in development, Oculus has finally revealed the virtual reality headset that will go on sale to the public next year.

The company, bought by Facebook for $2 billion last year, also revealed that it would come with an Xbox One controller.

Many market experts had predicted that virtual reality would become a huge game changer in the, well, gaming industry.

But Oculus also revealed that it is working on its own controller called Oculus Touch. But instead of one single controller, held by both hands like a traditional Xbox or PlayStation controller, users will hold two separate devices - imagine splitting a controller in two and holding the pieces in each hand. It means hand movements will play a much bigger part in how video games are played.

The Oculus Rift headset will also come with a streaming device that will allow gamers will wirelessly send games from the Xbox to the headset.

Oculus is yet to reveal a price, but more details about the gaming side of the development are expected to be revealed at next week's gaming conference E3 in Los Angeles next week.