By Peter Sutton, managing director at PMW Marketing Agency

Restaurants are offering delivery services, fitness venues are giving online classes and wholesalers are starting to deal directly with consumers.

It’s this type of creative thinking that can help companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), navigate their way through the current crisis. Here’s some advice about what to do.

Don’t stop communicating

Firstly, it’s really important not to stop communicating with your customers and clients. Are they aware you’re still operating and open for orders? Have you let them know your Covid-19 policies regarding returns, cancellations, new contact information, etc?

Add a message to your website, keep your social media platforms updated, put messages in a shop window to say you’re now trading online, or send an email to a contact list. Communication can be done in many ways. In fact, do it now – let your clients and customers know you’re available!

Take a new, creative approach

Trade differently – now’s the time for a retail store to develop its ecommerce website, which will help to secure a safety net for now, as well as safeguard it for the future. Services such as counselling, tutoring and fitness coaching can be done via video links and there is plenty of free tools, like Skype, Zoom and Flock to easily make this happen.

Tap into new markets – despite the current climate, there are many companies and industries that will see an upturn in business, such as IT service providers, takeaway delivery companies and virtual entertainment platforms. How is your company able to provide a service or products to these markets?

You have something to provide – no matter the situation, everyone is always going to need products, people and services. What is your business able to give? This could be anything from a subscription blog, to a company outsourcing work to you instead of recruiting.

Take a chance – why not choose now to do something big? If you’ve ever considered trying to tap into a global audience, there’s no better time. There are countries who have not been affected by Covid-19 and have strong economies, so go large.

Be a step ahead

The current situation is going to end – hopefully sooner, rather than later. When that happens, things could move and begin thriving again extremely quickly. Use this time to plan ahead, get straight, set into motion that new business plan you’ve never had time to do, look into diversifying, or research new products that are going to make you stand out from your competitors. Basically, get ready to be part of the boom.