By Max Clarke

The gap between the life expectancies of the UK’s wealthiest and the most deprived areas has widened again from around 8 years to more than 10.

Residents of Kensington and Chelsea will live more than a decade longer than those from Glasgow, Liverpool or Hartlepool.

The links between socio economic status and life expectancy have been established, as poor diet and higher prevalence of smoking, amongst various other factors, are traits displayed by those on low income.

Life expectancy as a whole has increased for the UK, though the faster increase for the wealths has widened the gap still further.

“In just four years the difference between the life expectancy of women in Notting Hill and those in Glasgow has increased by two whole years,” said TUC chief, Brenden Barber in response to the growing inequality. “Women living in the poorest areas will lose significantly more of their retirement years than those living in wealthy Britain.”
Barber went on to note that increasing the state pension age, particularly for women would further compound the financial insecurity of the UK’s pensioners.
Said Barber: “It is no wonder that MPs of all parties are rebelling against the government's new timetable for women's pension age in the Pensions Act currently before Parliament, especially as the new timetable breaches last year's coalition agreement.'

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