"You're joking, not another one", said Brenda from Bristol. "Oh for god’s sake, there's too much politics." Well, there is going to be a lot more, a lot. Brenda, here is some bad news. The odds of there being "another one" later this year are high. And if not this year, early next.

Some said that Britain was fed up with politics, a weary electorate would stay away from the voting booth. Instead, the turnout was high, 68.7 per cent. Constituencies with a high proportion of younger voters saw a higher turnout - it's been estimated 72 per cent vote among the younger population.

It appears that the UK electorate don't think there is too much politics.

Given another vote is likely to follow soon, that's a good thing too.

But then this is just the beginning.

During the middle of the night of 8th and 9th June, while votes were being counted, Ken Clarke - known as the beast, not to mention pro EU former chancellor, told the BBC: "I hope we never hold referendums on anything ever again."

Well, there is some more bad news for Brenda and Ken.

Digital technology, maybe supported by blockchain, will lead to more referendums, a lot more- a kind if digital version of the polis of Ancient Athens - "what, not another referendum, that's the third one this week," we might say in three or so parliamentary terms from now.