By Marcus Leach

Northerners are the biggest contributors to the UK holiday market after new stats reveal the North has the highest percentage of people in the country choosing to holiday in the UK this year.

Forty seven per cent of Northerners are taking their holidays in the UK this year ahead of people living in Wales (41 per cent) compared to just 28 per cent of people living in Greater London who will choose to holiday in the UK.

Londoners were also found to be the most likely to travel abroad for their holidays this year (72 per cent) compared to just 53 per cent of Northerners, making them the least likely to holiday abroad.

The online survey by Survey and Marketing Services (SMS) in Newcastle, asked UK residents about their holiday plans for this year and next, and found that Northerners are also most likely to be taking a holiday in general this year whether at home or abroad, along with people living in Greater London.

Despite citing reasons such as the high costs of flights for not holidaying abroad, the UK economy is benefiting from all the ‘staycation’ holidays being taken by Northerners.

However, seemingly Northerners are also most likely to choose shorter breaks and holidays lasting less than one week, with 60 per cent not planning to have a holiday at all in 2012.

“The research shows that Northerners value a work/life balance and will ensure that they save money and make time for a holiday, whether it’s abroad or at home in the UK," Lesley Wright, head of Quantitative Research at SMS, said.

“With travel costs continuing to rise, and more limited flight destinations and choice of airports compared to those found in the South, certain holidaymakers in the North are being priced out of a foreign holiday abroad this year.

“However, with the threat of redundancy, many people are choosing to sit tight and either save for next year or make use of the growing number of travel comparison sites and special deals that seem to be in abundance this summer for people who are prepared to book at the last minute. This has also been reflected in the method for which people are choosing to book their holidays instead of going through a traditional travel agent or tour operator.

“Travel patterns are also changing with the traditional two week holiday no longer the case. Many people are choosing to spread their annual leave and the results show a variety of holiday durations indicating that people are preferring more shorter breaks across the year, as opposed to just the one annual fortnightly getaway.”

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