By Marcus Leach

A North Yorkshire steel company has landed a £48 million deal to provide steel for building works at Heathrow's terminal two building.

It is not the first time Severfield-Rowen have provided steel for Heathrow, having previously done so for terminal five building. They will provide steel for the frame of the building including floors, staircases, and the roof.

The development of Heathrow's terminal two is part of a £4.8 billion investment into the airport, and it is hoped the work will be finished by 2014.

"The lion's-share of the work is coming out of our plants in Thirsk and Scarborough, so a significant proportion of that £48m is in fact being spent in north Yorkshire," Peter Emerson from Severfield-Rowen said.

"The impact of it is, of course, very positive and projects of this size will help to maintain employment opportunities for all our people."