By Daniel Hunter

A third of small business owners in the UK will have less than 2 days off over the Christmas period, according to a survey by XLN Business Services.

“Our research shows that small business owners don’t have the resources to take lots of time off to enjoy with their friends and family,” said Christian Nellemann, CEO of XLN Business Services.

“It’s a sad fact that many small business owners across the country have no choice but to work and ensure they don’t miss out on any sales. A poor economy, high taxes and zero chance of bank finance means even the most fun loving entrepreneurs are being forced adopt the working habits of Ebenezer Scrooge.”

Christmas is always a busy time for many small business owners, many of whom either want to take advantage of seasonal spending or are forced to deal with staff shortages over the Christmas season. For other business owners, the festive season is a perfect time of year to sort out their taxes ahead of the January self assessment tax deadline for HMRC.

When asked “How many days are you planning to take off over the Christmas period”, 32.7% of small business owners said they would be closing their doors for 0-2 days over Christmas this year compared with 24.4% of business owners who said they would close completely over the festive season.

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