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Nissan is taking legal action against Vote Leave after it used the car manufacturer's logo on a leaflet without its permission.

In a campaign ranging from genuine mistakes to downright lies, Vote Leave put Nissan's logo alongside other manufacturers on a pro-Brexit leaflet, giving the impression the Japanese firm was in favour of leaving the European Union.

The leaflet claimed "major employers... have all said they'll stay in the UK whatever the result of the referendum".

Not only is Nissan not in favour of a Brexit, its executives specifically and publicly stated on 23 February that it favoured a vote to remain in the EU.

Nissan said it was taking Vote Leave to court to prevent "false statements and misrepresentations" in the future.

Nissan spokesman David Jackson said: "Use of the Nissan name and logo by the Vote Leave campaign in their materials grossly misrepresents our widely circulated and publicly stated position announced on 23rd February 2016.

"We vigorously protect the Nissan brand and intellectual property in all markets in which we operate."

Alongside Nissan's logo was that of Vauxhall and Toyota - two car companies which were part of an industry backing of 'Remain' on Monday.

Toyota had also already made its position on the referendum clear in February, saying its best interests would be served by staying in the EU. But the company said it was considering legal action because use of its logo could "mislead those reading into thinking that Toyota could endorse the Vote Leave campaign".

Consumer goods giant, Unilever, is another of the companies featured on that leaflet. It said: "We weren't consulted or asked if we were happy for our name to appear. If we had been, we would never have allowed this to happen.

"Our position couldn't be clearer. We firmly support Britain remaining."

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