By Max Clarke

In the face of mounting public anger over the phone hacking scandal that has sent shockwaves through UK journalism, Rupert Murdoch has announced that the News of the World will be scrapped after nearly 170 years.

The UK’s most widely circulated Sunday paper will run one final edition, before retiring to the realms of media history.

Rupert Murdoch, boss of the embattled paper’s parent company News Corp., described the allegations of phone hacking and payments made by News of the World staff to the Metropolitan Police as ‘deplorable and unnaceptable’.

The current editor, Colin Myler also stated his shock that a private investigator had tapped into Milly Dowler’s phone, admitting no responsibility on his behalf, or that of his staff.

“While this is unfair and extremely upsetting for all of you who had nothing to do with these activities, we have to accept and deal with those criticisms,” Myler said in a message to journalists at the publication.

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