By Claire West

Dedicated organisation launched for a prosperous high tech future, driven by science, technology and engineering.
A support and development organisation which is the first of its kind to create the conditions for business success, career progression and employment, for women in the science and technology sector has been launched in North East England.

Newcastle-based Girl Geeks Limited is the latest addition to the growing list of start-ups supported by Newcastle Science City and its vehicle, The Innovation Machine. Girl Geeks Limited now operates as an independent national social enterprise which has evolved into a professional business and career development organisation established primarily to support women in science, technology, engineering, digital and innovative industries.

The new organisation will also offer a national ‘Girl Geeks’ membership providing access to tailored support, industry specialists and mentors, training, workshops, inspirational events and consultation as part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring the UK has a strong supply of scientists, engineers, technologists and innovative entrepreneurs. Support and member services will be delivered from the Girl Geeks team based at its head office in Newcastle and an expanding team of leading regional and national industry mentors and professional advisors.

In recognition of the immense contribution a diverse workplace and entrepreneurialism would make to economic growth, stability and future progress. Girl Geeks Limited endeavours to actively promote members in an effort to break down traditional industry stereotypes and to inspire the next generations whilst supporting and nurturing the inclusion of talents throughout these important industries.

Mia Chapman, Founder and Chief Executive of Girl Geeks Limited said: “We have been organising inspirational events throughout the North East for the past year and a half, accumulated over 800 professional contacts within the North East’s private, public, academic sectors and receiving a growing amount of interest from across the UK and areas worldwide. It has become apparent that more is needed to support those within our industries and that is why all of this has progressed so that we can tailor membership and services to each individual situation in addition to nurturing young people and the next generations.”

“It is recognised that innovation, science and technology create jobs and create wealth and in these uncertain times the dedicated support for individuals and businesses in these industries is more crucial than ever. We will support each individual every step of their chosen career path to progression and leadership, next stages of business growth, further education and training and business start-up from innovative idea, through IP protection, funding, development, to commercialisation and beyond.”