By David Fuller, Linkdex

So much to do and so little time! Not content with launching some of the most powerful competitive analysis tools around, built on clean fresh data, we’re not stopping. In fact, our product development road-map is overflowing with great features. Two weeks ago we released some great tools that, in light of the story about JC Penney might give some Marketing Directors some sleepless nights.

Imagine if you could see the keyword anchor text for your competitors! Well now you can.

Keyword Clouds and Tables

Check out your Competitor Analysis tab and you’ll see we’ve added a keyword anchor cloud and a keyword anchor table.

The cloud is an illustrated way of seeing which individual words are most frequently used when linking to you.

The table shows the top link anchors linking to you and your competitors and the frequency in which they were found. Try adding more than one competitor and sort by the column headers to merge the data.

Keyword Volumes On Rank Tracking Pages

To help you prioritize your keywords and pick off valuable low hanging fruit, we’ve added Google’s estimate on the number of searches there are each month on the keywords you’re rank tracking next to your actual traffic figure on that keyword displayed from your Google Analytics account.

For those of you that use Google Adwords, you’ll be interested to know that we’re using the “Exact Match” volumes for your country.

IMPORTANT: A few users have told us that they are concerned about sharing Google Analytics data with Linkdex. For you information, Linkdex is not storing your analytics data and is simply displaying it on screen directly from Google Analytics.

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