By Jonathan Davies

New Morrisons chief executive David Potts has asked all of his 2,000 head office staff to work at least one week a year on the shop floor of one of its supermarkets.

Mr Potts, who took charge of the struggling supermarket this week and has committed to working in one of the stores over Easter, said he wanted head office staff to "listen hard" to customers and in-store colleagues.

The hope is that head office staff will be able to experience first hard what customers want and easier feedback that information to Morrisons' bosses.

“I want to listen hard and respond to the views of as many customers and staff as I can," he said. "I strongly believe that we are all retailers and we can learn how to serve our customers better when we are working in our stores or when we do our own shopping.”

Mr Potts started his career as a shelf-stacker at Tesco before working his way up to lead its business in Asia. He left the company in 2011 to become a retail adviser and replaces Dalton Phillips who was ousted last month.