By Max Clarke

Asus have announced new stock for their Eee Pad and Eee Pad transformer keyboard is to arrive in the UK shortly.

The device made its retail debut on the 6th April to overwhelming demand and stockists soon ran out the keyboard add on, which boosts the device’s battery life by a further 8 hours while effectively transforming it into a laptop.

Asus are among a host of companies competing for the expanding tablet computer market, in which Apple's iPad dominates. Motorola Xoom and the HTC Flyer have also recently been released in what tech commentators have labelled the Year of the Tablet.

“Initial demand for the Eee Pad Transformer has been far beyond our expectations, and following the on-sale date the first batches delivered to the UK have entirely sold out. Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties regarding stock availability with our retail partners,” read a press statement from Asus.

The UK is the global launch partner and will continue to see the largest volumes of stock globally. Asus anticipates the additional stock being distributed amongst Comet, PC World, Currys and Carphone Warehouse stores late April/early May, whilst Amazon.co.uk and Ebuyer.com are also taking pre-orders.