By Jimmy McLoughlin, former business adviser to the Prime Minister

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This email is for UK entrepreneurs and small businesses trying to navigate support that the government and other agencies are offering.

I used to advise the Prime Minister on business, so I know how hard it can be for government to reach out and how tough business can find it to navigate the labyrinth that is I won’t have all the answers, but I hope I can point you in the right direction.

Top lines

The government has called upon quarter of a million people to sign up to the NHS as volunteers, you can sign up here. Over 170,000 have so far.

YouGov has published a survey showing that one in 20 Brits have lost their job as a result of the crisis and that unemployment now stands at over 7%. The polling company points out this is better than worse cases such as Norway and US (Guido Fawkes).

Whisper it, but there is an encouraging story by Joel Achenbach in the Washington Post. He reports that the COVID-19 is not mutating quickly, meaning when a vaccine comes it would be a strong solution.

The Prime Minister has taken questions in the Commons and said that measures to support the self-employed are being worked on. Martin Lewis has a quick video from yesterday on this issue. Laura Kuenssberg (who should follow) says she's been told Sunak will announce measures around self-employed as a press conference tomorrow.

Business guidance

The Government have launched a PDF on grant funding, it is available here.
Rishi Sunak was again answering questions from MPs in the House of Commons Chamber, it will be one of the last sessions before the house rises (technical term for end of term), it is unclear when it will sit again. The full transcript is available here.
The issues that Sunak goes into are broad, so I encourage you to click on the link and do a quick scan (or even use ctrl-f and search for your key words).
It is a useful reminder of the role your local MP can play in helping to navigate the different. They will also be able to help explain whether something is a national or local government issue. You can find your local MP and their contact details at Just remember that lots of people are doing this at the moment, so be patient - they want to help you.
Good business
Hertz is offering NHS workers rental cars from £1, the offer is here.
Aldi is giving store staff and distribution centres a 10% bonus, story in Daily Mail here.
Leon Restaurants are remaining open for NHS workers, and employees do not need to come in if they don't want to.
Tracey Crouch MP has also announced she is going to be donating most of her salary for the next few months, her local newspaper has the story.
Lizzie Frainer in The Telegraph has an excellent piece on how pubs and hotels are helping their communities. You will need a subscription to view it here.
Other interesting pieces
The German government has been very innovative in their response to the crisis. They ran a hackathon last weekend where over 40,000 people contributed to 1,500 ideas. They will all be judged on YouTube.
Scott Berinato of the Harvard Business Review has a wonderful piece exploring our emotions through this crisis, simply it is grief for what is about to come, it is available here. A reminder, let's be kind to one another.
I appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday talk to Emma Barnett about this newsletter and the support that government was offering. It led to the biggest day of traffic for the newsletter.
Please forward this to family, friends and colleagues that you think would find it helpful, and as always, please feel free to send me feedback by hitting reply or messaging me on Twitter.

This content is taken from Jimmy’s newsletter, ‘Coronavirus & Government Updates’. Subscribe here.