By Jimmy McLoughlin, former business adviser to the Prime Minister

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This email is for UK entrepreneurs and small businesses trying to navigate support that the government and other agencies are offering.
I used to advise the Prime Minister on business, so I know how hard it can be for government to reach out and how tough business can find it to navigate the labyrinth that is I won’t have all the answers, but I hope I can point you in the right direction.
Top lines
Just when you thought it couldn't get anymore turbulent, the Prime Minister has tested positive for Coronavirus, although his symptoms are mild. His tweet and video message is here.
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, unveiled support for the self employed last night. The package largely matched those workers that were on PAYE, but the scheme is technically a lot more complex. The best guide I have seen out there at the moment is Martin Lewis’ MSE which is available here.
The Government has also updated its guidance for which businesses should and should not be remaining open, it is available here.
Tesco is to limit online orders to 80 items each (BBC News).
eBay has launched a 30-day payment holiday for all UK businesses on the site and new businesses registering will not have to pay any fees to list or sell until 31 May 2020 – link here.
Interesting things
As most of us are all working at home, I thought I would give you a few useful things to listen too, if you need a pick me up, I suggest that you listen to the below with HEADPHONES in.
I was sent it yesterday and have barely stopped listening since. 8D audio is going to change the way we listen to music, and it almost makes me look forward to a commute again.
Just remember to wear your headphones.

The great Dame Helena Morrissey was on Desert Island Discs at 9am this morning, she is one of the best-known leaders in the city and was founder of the 30% club (the aim to get board representation of women to 30%). She recently wrote the book ‘a Good time to be a girl’, so if you want some business and music to listen to, you can catch the episode here.

Beauhurst has profiled the UK start-ups in niches that are expected to do very well over the coming months: 8 technologies that will transform how we live is available here.

Wired magazine reminds us to think about the online information we consume as a diet and be wary of disinformation and manipulation now as ever - available here.

IDEO provides a new perspective for leaders, outlining the tactics that creative leaders employ to navigate uncertainty with and for their teams – available here.

Dan Korski who was David Cameron’s technology adviser has written an interesting thread peering into his crystal ball, looking at how this could impact Government and technology. See here.

As a new parent myself, this is a wonderful piece by Ed Cumming at Vogue really chimed with me, ’I Was Worried That Becoming A New Parent Would Ruin My Social Life – Then Coronavirus Happened’ it is available here.

I have told you previously about how I had University Reunion drinks via Houseparty, well last night we met friends for dinner. Crucially, we went through the same process that we would if we were having friends over for dinner, putting on a shirt, having a pre dinner drink with my wife, putting music on. It was a superb evening and well worth making happen if you can.


You may have seen this clip from In The Thick of It, when Malcolm Tucker ‘talks’ about a lockdown, it has now been turned into a BBC advert. (NSFW because of the swearing, but if your office is your living room - go wild!)

When I worked in Downing Street, the question I’d get asked most at parties and weddings is, 'is it the same as in The Thick of It?’

My answer was, the main difference compared to working in the real Downing Street was that no-one during the TV show would run around saying this is just like In The Thick of It…

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This content is taken from Jimmy’s newsletter, ‘Coronavirus & Government Updates’. Subscribe here.