By Jonathan Davies

The new National Living Wage will result in a pay rises for six million workers by 2020, according to a think tank.

The Resolution Foundation said that around 3.7 million women - nearly a three in ten employees - and 2.3 million men will benefit from the new wage.

The National Living Wage of £7.20, which is compulsory for over 25s, comes into effect in April 2016. The Resolution Foundation said the majority of workers would see their wages rise in line with the new minimum, but some would see a "ripple effect" boost their wages even further.

"Because of their concentration among the low paid, women will account for the majority of the winners," said the think tank's policy analyst, Conor D'Arcy.

"This will have a positive - though modest - effect on the gender pay gap, and will particularly help those working part-time."

The study found that the six million workers will gain an additional £1,210 per year, on average.

The Resolution Foundation said workers in Yorkshire and the Humber, Midlands and Wales are most likely to see the biggest benefits from the National Living Wage.