By Claire West

If you work for yourself or run a small business you’ll understand the frustration around managing and tracking expenses.

Receipts stuffed into pockets? Shoeboxes of receipts that need to be dealt with at some point? Few of us really enjoy this stuff — it’s tedious and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply capture and record an expense at the click of a button at the time of purchase? Well, now you can thanks to an innovative new iPhone app from MyAccountantFriend.com.

MyAccountantFriend.com is the first accountancy firm in the UK to release an integrated iPhone app that enables clients to capture expenses and mileage on-the-go rather than having to worry about recording them later. It’s incredibly easy to use yet powerful, saving time and effort.

Users simply open the app. and record the expense or mileage by taking a ‘photograph’ of the receipt which can be easily uploaded straight into their MyAccountantFriend.com online accounting & bookkeeping system.

Graeme Hart, Managing Director of MyAccountantFriend.com, comments,

“Gone are the days of time-consuming and tedious bookkeeping. This is just one more example of our commitment to supporting our clients, innovating what we do and improving the services we provide. We’re passionate about making a difference and are big advocates of using technology to make our clients’ lives easier.”

Further developments and enhancements are on the way and MyAccountantFriend.com is developing similar products for Blackberry and Android-based phones.

This would seem a breath of fresh air in an accounting sector which continues to be seen as traditional and slow to respond to change.