By Max Clarke

Small retailers agree that music has beneficial effects on business and staff performance.

As a small retailer competing with the high street chains and the supermarket giants, it is crucial you do everything you can to make your business profitable.

One cost effective and enjoyable way to do this is to use music. MusicWorks, the body of research commissioned by music licensers 'PPL' and 'PRS for Music' has revealed its latest findings:

78% of small retailers recommend other retailers play music to improve in store productivity, and;
53% of small retailers believe their store financially benefits from playing music.

The findings also show that not only is there financial benefits from playing music but it will keep staff happy as well:

84% of retailers asked felt that playing music puts their staff in a happy mood.

It also improves the in store atmosphere, something which is crucial for a small retailer, with 79% of business owners believing that the atmosphere of the store will suffer if music was removed.

Music can play a crucial role in increasing productivity by creating the right working environment for staff,” said Jonathan Morrish, spokesman at MusicWorks. “Music can also boost sales by encouraging customers to remain in the shop and spend money.”

“This research is great news for small retailers already playing music as it is proof that a nice environment can significantly boost their business.”

As well as the financial and emotional benefits playing music brings, there are also legalities surrounding the use of music in public.

A licence from both companies is required to play music. PPL collects on behalf of record companies and performers and PRS for Music collects on behalf of songwriters and publishers as well as the live sector.