Moto Hospitality is a company which operates 58 motorway service stations across the UK.

Granada, who owned the chain of Granada motorway service stations, merged with Compass in July 2000, to form Granada Compass plc.

The plan was to combine the hospiality interests of the two businesses and hive off the media division, which was done by demerging the new group into Compass plc and Granada Media in 2001.

Granada had previously acquired Forte plc in a £3.3bn hostile takeover on 24 January 1996.

It sold its French Cote France service stations to Italy's Autogrill in December 1997.

The food and hospitality division of Granada was retained by Compass, which became its Select Service Partner UK division, but ownership of the Granada brand and trademark passed to the new media company.

The Granada name was retained on the service stations until 23 May 2001, when the 47 sites were rebranded as Moto.

Source: Wikipedia