By Max Clarke

Motion®, a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, announced today in the UK its first small form factor, durable tablet PC designed for productivity and business integration. The Motion® CL900 is a robust tablet with a flexible feature set that enables access to and utilisation of data while mobile. The CL900 is expected to be available early in the second quarter of 2011.

“Motion’s new CL900 will enable users to take advantage of connected applications, while also supporting uninterrupted productivity in remote or disconnected areas,” said David Altounian, Motion CEO. “We’ve combined our trademark durable design and robust solution set with the connectivity and portability of a tablet that is designed and built for business.”

Architected for Versatility

The new Motion CL900 is built based on customer demand for a mobile and integrated device that offers the capabilities to support mobile workflows. Architected for future expansion, the CL900 will feature a peripheral module that will enable simple device expansion. Tightly secured and integrated into the device, the peripheral module will incorporate key documentation tools without compromising durability. Peripheral modules will be released later in 2011.

Connected, Light and Robust

The CL900 maximises mobility and portability. From the hospital to the job site or retail store, the tablet will stand up to harsh conditions, while enabling real-time collaboration and access to information. Advanced durability, connectivity and mobility features include:

• Up to 8 hours of battery life for all-day, uninterrupted productivity
• Lightweight and robust design that offers the protection of the MIL-STD-810G specification at less than 1 kg and less than 16mm thick
• IP-52 rated exterior to protect against dust, moisture and other elements
• Optional integrated Gobi™ 3000 mobile broadband with GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth® 3.0, and a wireless SIM port for advanced communications
• Display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass for added durability and scratch resistance and incorporated DuPont Vertak™ to improve visibility in various lighting conditions

Built for Business Integration

The CL900 was designed to integrate seamlessly into business environments. Running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and powered by the upcoming Intel® Atom™ processor currently codenamed “Oak Trail”, the CL900 balances power, performance and battery life. Additionally, IT serviceability and enterprise support options help ensure uptime and reduce IT resource drain. Business benefits include:

• The ability to run existing applications, lowering the cost of deployment
• The performance needed to simultaneously run multiple enterprise applications
• Bright display that offers the convenience of both touch and stylus input
• 30GB or 62GB solid state drive (SSD), and up to 2GB of RAM

The new Intel Atom processor is specifically designed for tablet PCs and mobile workflows that require a balance of productivity and battery life. An enhanced version of the Atom line of processors, “Oak Trail” will offer the responsiveness, security and manageability required for mobile users in business environments.

“Motion’s latest tablet is a perfect example of the power and productivity available in enterprise-based mobility solutions,” said René Torres, director of marketing, Netbook and Tablet Group, Intel. “With the power and performance of our upcoming ‘Oak Trail’ Intel Atom processor, along with the mobility and durability of the CL900, Motion is delivering an ideal productivity tool for workers on the move.”

Versatile and Configurable

Additionally, the unique design of the CL900 offers multiple optional features and connectivity ports to improve functionality for a variety of different uses. Documentation and expansion features include:

• Front and rear-facing cameras to support documentation, video conferencing and collaboration
• A full complement of ports, including USB, SD Card, audio and video to simplify the use of industry standard peripheral solutions
• A unique countertop docking station that optimises the CL900 for touch input and adds a simple and easy way to integrate peripherals
• A variety of cases and straps to accommodate multiple usage patterns

Powerful and Affordable

With a typical MSRP of less than £825 the CL900 offers a competitive entry price point to other tablet PCs with a unique design that supports a lower total cost of ownership over non-durable devices. The CL900 will be available to ship early in the second quarter of 2011 while the optional peripheral module will be available later in the first half of the year.