When entrepreneur Richard Moross founded online digital print company MOO.COM in 2004, his goal was rather larger than his flagship product, the MiniCard. The aim? To disrupt the billion dollar global print industry by combining the values of professional design with the accessibility and reach of the web: making great design available to all.

“In the past”, Richard says, “a card would be for a business identity. We created a market for a personal card.”

MOO.COM make customisable MiniCards, Business Cards, Postcards, Stickers and more. They’re different to the average online digital printer because of a technology called Printfinity, which is exclusive to MOO – the ability to have a different image on every single card or sticker in the pack. It’s one of the reasons MOO is popular with online sellers, designers and artists who like to showcase their work or goods on their Business Cards.

The idea for MOO came to Richard when he was 25, and working for a large design company where “I couldn't even get through the corporate red tape enough to get the office a new coffee machine, let alone any of my ideas. So I let my mind wander to product ideas that I could successfully bring to the market. And then I came up with the idea to reinvent the Business Card.”

In an increasingly digital world, the choice to make premium quality printed products is an unusual one, but Richard believes print and technology to be successful bedfellows. He explains, “I stand up for the print industry, but with a forward thinking approach to its growth. Other people go for "faster" and "cheaper" as positives, but I'm more interested in "better" and "different”. Technology enables everything we do. Design is key is to making the finished products impactful – and print is the right medium to do so.”

MOO customers agree, transforming their cards into hang-tags, branded packaging and more to make their business memorable. It’s a creative approach to business directly mirrored by Richard himself.

“I define success in business as a company that functions in an innovative way, turning nothing into something with only a germ of an idea to start with. Businesses that make their mark on the world are something to aspire to.”

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