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Case management is one of those wonderful terms that people either know intimately and fully understand what it means – or have probably never heard of it. So what is case management?

The “Case Management” term suggests the management of a case, or set of information relating to a particular entity – perhaps a client or a patient. The management of that case would include various different aspects including the storage of all relevant information relating to that case, but also a series of actions that can be taken on the case – for example, approving a loan application.This use-case style definition of case management perfectly sums up the way most people see case management, and explains the legal, financial and healthcare focused results that appear in any online search for the term “case management”. But case management is so much more than an information storage and simple action taking solution – and it is applicable to all types of organisations, not just those listed previously.

To fully understand the full spectrum of what case management means to real-world organisations we need to understand the three pillars of case management – why, how and what?

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