By Claire West

Small businesses across the globe are increasingly turning to smartphones to run their business from any location, at any time.

To enable small businesses to stay connected with their business and customer data while away from the office, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) has created an iPhone application for the SAP® Business One application, available now on the Apple iTunes Store. The mobile application provides constant access to important data and key functionality of SAP Business One, and is available for free as part of the maintenance contract with SAP to those with a professional user license of SAP Business One 8.8 patch level 12 or higher.

The SAP Business One application for iPhone allows users to check on inventory and customers, access reports, receive alerts and process approvals. With the mobile application, users have real-time access to data and can easily navigate, respond and trigger remote processes. Key features Include:

•Alerts and approvals — Receive alerts on specific events, such as deviation from approved discounts, prices or credit limits. Process approval requests, generate remote actions and drill into relevant data or metrics to help ensure quick and efficient decision-making.

•Real-time reports — Access built-in reports enabled by SAP® Crystal Reports® software that present key business information. Add customized reports and easily share report results via e-mail from the iPhone.

•Customer and partner data — Access and edit contact details, view historical activities and special prices. Contact or locate customer and partner records, create new ones and log new activities. All changes are automatically updated within the SAP Business One application on the backend.

•Inventory monitoring — Check inventory levels and access detailed information about current products, including purchasing and sales price, available quantity, product specifications and item pictures.

“As a business that operates 24/7, having access to KPIs and changes in margins, price and inventory when traveling or even on holidays is crucial to managing our business effectively,” said Mike Nielsen, CEO of Coolshop.dk, a leading independent distributor of interactive entertainment products in the Nordic region. “SAP, along with partner Boyum IT, has enabled us to grow our business with SAP Business One and this mobile application is the natural next step to allow us to better serve our customers and react to market needs faster than ever before. The application speed is remarkable, allowing us to quickly access customer info from our 500,000 customer data base and get instant updates and alerts directly from SAP Business One.”

The mobile application is available for the iPhone or iPod touch with a minimal requirement of version 3.2 of the Mac OS. It is free and available for all to download and view in demo mode at the Apple iTunes store. A short video introduction of the iPhone app can also be viewed at SAP Business One Mobile App for iPhone.

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