By Marcus Leach

A meeting, the first of several, between the eurozone finance ministers later today (Friday) will aim to create a solution to the ongoing economic crisis.

Friday's meeting will be followed by a meeting on Saturday that will be attended by ministers from all 27 EU countries.

Two more meetings, one on Sunday to be attended by EU leaders, and an extra one on Wednesday will conclude the meetings as ministers desperately try and resolve the eurozone debt crisis.

Ministers will look to agree a second bailout for Greece, as well as ways to recapitalise banks, and a stronger bailout fund. However, there still appear to be deep divides between France and Germany.

Primarily the two countries, at loggerheads on several issues, must agree on a way to increase the power of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).

It had been expected that a deal would be agreed upon, and signed, on Sunday, but both countries said they would not be able to reach agreement by then.

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