By Jason Theodorou

A new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) claims that a single person in the UK requires a gross income of £14,400 to live to a decent standard. With inflation rising at a rapid rate, a couple with two children need at least £29,200 for a minimum standard of living.

The report suggests a gap between the national minimum wage, and the minimum wage standard. The price of necessities has increased, with food, bus fares and council tax up by 38%.

To obtain the required level of income, a single person would need to maske £7.38 an hour, while a couple with two parents working full time would need to earn at least £7.60 an hour each.

Julia Unwin, chief executive of the JRF, said:

'This research shows what ordinary members of the public think is needed - not just to survive, but to take part in society... it provides powerful evidence for the new government to use as it develops policies to deal with poverty'.

The JRF measures an 'acceptable standard of living' by consulting focus groups. The group now considers a computer with home internet connection as essentials for working age households. It calculates the impact of inflation by examining the price of a typical basket of goods.

The report stated that the Government's decision to raise benefits in line with the Consumer Price Index was miscalculated, and that those on benefits would be badly impacted by Chancellor George Osborne's proposed raft of spending cuts and tax increases.

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