By Marcus Leach

New figures have revealed that more than £485 million was spent on architects, landscape architects, design advisers, lawyers, accountants, consultants and planners for the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

The figures include an average fee for each completed school of almost £1 million just for design work.

The top fee paid to architects for the design of a school was £2.7 million.
The total fees paid to architects and landscape architects for the 113 schools for which figures were provided, was a staggering £98 million. The figure suggests that, had the BSF programme, which aimed to rebuild or refurbish 'every secondary school in England', been completed, the cost to the taxpayer for design fees could have been as high as £2.7 billion.

£55 million was spent on legal fees to help councils to negotiate the complexities of the programme, while one Council spent almost £2million on accountants for the same reason.

"Another example of Labour's tragically wasteful spending: lining the pockets of contractors with cash which was supposed to go to our children. Half a billion pounds spent without a single brick being laid," Charlotte Leslie MP, who sits on the Education Select Committee, said.

"This government is determined to protect schools spending and target it where it is really needed - enabling all children, whatever their background, to have access to a good education."

The Coalition Government ended the Building Schools for the Future programme on coming to power last year and is focusing capital spending where it is most needed: on dilapidated buildings and areas with a shortage of school places.

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