By Marcus Leach

Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for Rebekah Brooks to take responsibility for the phone-hacking that went on at the News of the World newspaper whilst she was editor.

Speaking at a live press conference on Friday morning Mr Miliband made it clear that despite the News of the World closing Ms Brooks should still be held accountable for her actions.

"I have made no secret of my views that I think Rebekah Brooks should take responsibility for what happened whilst she was editor at News of the World," said Mr Miliband talking to members of the press.

"There's no denying apparently that the hacking of the phone of Milly Dowler took place on her watch. She was the editor at the time, she should take responsibility for that.

"And I don't think frankly that the closing down of the News of the World changes that."

Mr Miliband also went on to say that he thinks the first police investigation into the phone-hacking scandal that has rocked the country was 'totally inadequate.'

He now hopes that the second investigation, which will, among other issues, examine the role numerous members of the police had in events, will be more thorough.

"The second police investigation, from what everybody tells me is a genuinely tough, fearless investigation, a properly resourced investigation, and an investigation that is determined to get at the truth," Mr Miliband said.

"I think it is now totally clear that the first police investigation was wholly inadequate. We need to get to the bottom of the reasons for that."

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