By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Microsoft showed the full Windows Operating System working on mobile devices at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.

As if we needed more evidence of the potential rise and rise of the Me Conomy, Windows 7 has been shown working on mobile processors designed by UK firm Arm.

In the keynote presentation that opened the show, Microsoft Boss, Steve Ballmer announced that the 'next version' of windows would support "systems on a chip". SOC is the type of technology found in mobiles.

About 80% of mobiles, including Apples iPhone 4 are built around SOC's made by Arm designs. As everything is in one neat package, the power requirements are much less and therefore this technology really suits mobile applications.

Microsoft already has a mobile version of Windows, but it is a cut down version with compromises. This development means that tablets, slates and netbooks will have the same abilities as desktop workstations and PCs.

Mr Balmer explained that "Increasingly customers expect the full range of capabilities from every device they use". Steve Ballmer told us that the kinect xbox motion sensor device has been very successful with more than eight million systems sold.

I am a customer, and can testify to the effectiveness of their kinect system - using Mel Bs workout. You may have noticed that even I have lost weight recently.

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