By Maximilian Clarke

Employers are being urged to maximise employee attendance and productivity this World Mental Health Day by using specialist mental health support services.

It is estimated that around 10 million people in the UK, that’s one in six, are affected by a mental health condition at any one time. This could be anything from depression and anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to bipolar disorder.

Many employees find it difficult to talk openly to their employer about their health, and employers may not even realise that an employee is experiencing a mental health condition, until it results in a lack of attendance or reduced productivity.

Employment services specialist, Remploy, offer a Disability and Health Management Service that offers support on the issue of mental health to both the employer and employees. The service adopts a vocational rehabilitation led approach. It addresses the social, physical and psychological factors affecting performance and attendance, alongside any medical intervention that a business may already have through occupational health.

“This new service provides employees with an impartial and confidential point of contact, offering specialist advice and guidance to help them stay in, or return to, their role, whilst helping to promote wellbeing and increase productivity across your business," commented Remploy’s Departmental Head of Vocational Rehabilitation Bruce Kearnes.

“This service further adheres to Remploy’s mission of supporting those with disabilities and health conditions both into and sustaining employment.”

This approach allows identification of the root cause of the situation and provides the appropriate support to both the individual and their line manager.

Reported benefits of Remploy's services include:

• Increased attendance, efficiently and cost effectively;
• Practical demonstration of duty of care to employees
• Retention of skilled and talented individuals and reduced staff turnover;
• Improvement of performance and productivity of your employees'
• and compliance with disability legislation and mitigation of risk/

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