By Claire West

Today marks the launch of the release of Memonic for Facebook - the long awaited extension of Memonic's Clipper for the Facebook-lover. With Memonic's Facebook extension, anyone can save their favourite Facebook photos, statuses and wall posts...forever!

According to Dorian Selz, CEO of Memonic, Facebook was a natural extenstion to the basic Memonic portfolio of offerings. "Facebook captures the attention of over five hundred million users who spend countless hours sharing their pictures, statuses and lives with each other. But these status alerts expire, and pictures get lost or forgotten once viewed. With the Memonic extension for Facebook, we are enabling all of Facebook users to always keep the essential from each Facebook session, and compile their own "Facebook Files".

Once the Memonic Save link erupts on Facebook, the team is confident it will go viral and become a runaway hit. This is the next big thing on Facebook.

How it works:

As soon as a visitor downloads the extension, Memonic's "Save" link will appear automatically right next to the "Like/Comment" Buttons anywhere these are present on Facebook. Thus, readers could literally store any content from the social website forever, and access it again as their own Memonic archive anywhere, anytime - from their PC to their iPhone.

To try it out right now:

INSTALL this browser extension, and get right back to Facebook to start saving all the content that matters to you!